biography_spotimgDeborah E. Watson, SPHR

HR Consultant. Talent Manager. Business Strategist.

Deborah Watson is a senior human resource executive and business strategist with over 20 years experience in management. Deborah’s areas of expertise include organizational transition strategy and execution, talent assessment and management, leadership development and succession planning, risk management and employee relations, training, facilitation and employee engagement.

Since launching Watson Consulting in 2011, the firm has focused on guiding and supporting organizations through periods of transition and reorganization. Whether going through a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or other organizational transition, Deborah works with companies to develop and execute the strategy around restructuring and human capital. She excels in doing so quickly and effectively, so organizations can stay focused on what matters most – growing their business and maximizing revenue.

A Unique BusinessFirst Approach
Working closely with the C-suite, Watson Consulting engages in dialogue to understand the vision and growth aspirations of the organization. These conversations result in a deep understanding of the issues, concerns and barriers to achieving the vision. Our recommendations are customized to the uniqueness of the organization and blend business goals with human capital strategies to promote the organization’s vision and deliver results.

Deborah Watson has spent her career working with demanding, high-growth organizations during periods of transition. Her unique mix of deep business knowledge and extensive expertise in management and human resources enables her to readily grasp the challenges and vision of an organization. She works quickly with the leadership team to develop and execute the appropriate human capital strategies needed during times of transition.
Deborah spent ten years at Commerce Insurance Services which transitioned to Conner Strong & Buckelew, a privately-held insurance and risk management brokerage firm. While at Commerce, she built a full-service HR department from the ground up, grew the department from one to fifteen members, and supported the organization through four acquisitions and unprecedented growth.
In 2008, Deborah led the people and culture transitions and reorganizations needed to divest from Commerce Bancorp and establish Conner Strong & Buckelew as an independent, private company. As a Managing Director and member of the senior leadership team, her role in the transition was critical since it included the establishment of all HR systems and processes, a methodical reorganization of support and operational departments, manager and employee training on raised performance and cultural expectations and implementing programs to attract and retain top-notch talent. Once restructuring was complete, she introduced a talent assessment, development and management process to drive the organization forward by aligning its human capital with the strategic growth plans of the business. Along with overseeing a full-service HR department, Deb was a trusted advisor, business partner and internal coach to the senior leadership team and their staff.

Deborah’s talents also translate well overseas. She spent 16 months on a project for TravelClick, a global leader in providing online revenue generating solutions to hoteliers, based in Barcelona, Spain and the United States. Her role was to provide senior level HR support and management to the International Division and its senior leadership team while supporting and executing the integration of an American business culture into a highly diverse, international division comprised of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Pacific Rim.

Union environments and the maintenance of non-union workforces within those environments are also part of Deborah’s skill set. After graduating college, she spent ten years at United Parcel Service (UPS) in various management roles including sales, customer service, operations and HR. Her notable experience at UPS includes executing the closure of a non-union office which impacted over 200 employees. Through understanding the long-term business strategy, strong communication and a seamless execution, the closure occurred within the strict timeline with no unionization attempts.

Rutgers University, B.A. in Economics and Political Science
Senior Professional in Human Resources designation