Employee Resignation: Problem or Opportunity?

You get the resignation, the manager panics and immediately you start looking for a similar skill set with a similar salary to fill the opening as fast as possible. An intense recruiting effort starts, a candidate is found, an offer is made, and the job is filled. Phew!! We took care of that so let’s go back to growing the business!! But what if by reacting to the opening, you missed an opportunity to hire better talent to support the growth of your business? What if instead of hiring the same skill set, you hired an Admin to take some of the paperwork burden off the current staff or someone with a talent for sales in anticipation of one of your key sales people retiring? Watson Consulting can help you get proactive with your staffing plan by implementing a Talent Management process that will put an end to the days of waiting for the resignation and reacting!

A formal Talent Management process will give you and your managers a way to evaluate the talent you currently have, analyze skill set deficiencies, plan for resignations or additions to staff due to growth, and facilitate long- term succession planning. It’s the difference between reacting to the resignation and being proactive like a professional coach who builds the team talent year round in anticipation of making the play-offs!

Watson Consulting will work with you to build a Talent Management strategy around your long-term business goals, then develop a customized process for you and your team to assess, develop and manage your talent more effectively and with fewer surprises.

Don’t let your next resignation result in panic. With a Talent Management strategy in place you can get back to growing your business with the confidence of a professional coach who signed a top recruit instead of wondering if you reacted too quickly.