I doubled my revenue. Why did I triple my headaches?

Did you recently acquire a firm and discover that you doubled your revenue and tripled your headaches? Has your firm experienced tremendous growth but you are buried in operational minutia instead of focusing on continued growth? Do you need to elevate the performance of your team and make your operation scalable to support future growth or possible sale? Watson Consulting can help.

Any organizational transition requires planning and strategic thought around how to structure the firm and ensure the right people are in place. Watson Consulting works with your leadership to develop both the structural and human capital strategies and then executes them quickly and effectively. Our involvement frees up your time so you can focus on what’s really important-achieving your revenue and other business goals.

Throughout the transition process, Watson Consulting offers:

  • Leadership coaching and counseling
  • Expert, senior-level advice, guidance and support
  • Staff assessment and adjustment
  • Culture shifting strategies
  • Improved performance management process
  • Leadership training
  • HR process redesign
  • Retention Initiatives
  • Tactical deliverables